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南京藝術學院教務處 版權所有
地址:南京市虎踞北路15號 (210013)
電話:025-83498383 電子郵箱:nyjwc@njarti.edu.cn

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  • 2020年02月19日The journal is the only journal-level journal in the field of research on ice, snow, frozen soil and ice circles in China.It actively supports new ideas, new ideas, new methods and new theories that are creative, high-level and oriented to the construction of the national economy in basic research and applied research on ice, snow, frozen soil and ice circles and global changes, promotes academic exchanges at home and abroad, disseminates scientific knowledge related to ice circles and global changes, serves the construction of the national economy in the cold zone, and reports on the pioneering, direction and results of the research on the major benefits of the development of the national economy, and promotes the development of disciplines, including glaciology, hydrology, ecology, geography, economics and economics in the cold zone, focusing on biological resources, environmental engineering and global changes in the cold zone.
    2020年02月19日The move would allow TikTok to follow the example of its U.S. rival, Snap, which charges more high-end brands for advertising than its existing short video content. TikTok's decision could allay concerns among big brands and advertising agencies that their ads could come alongside vexing and even illegal posts on the nascent platform.
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    2020年02月19日He said the government fully supported the construction of major projects, such as the port city of colombo and the comprehensive development of the port of hanbantota, and believed that this would not only contribute to the economic development and the improvement of the people's livelihood, but also become an important driving force for the friendly cooperation between the two countries. Sri Lanka welcomes more Chinese companies to invest in Singapore and more Chinese tourists to visit. The two sides should further strengthen coordination and coordination in international affairs. manhua.le68q.club
    2020年02月19日On the afternoon of 13 January, the opening ceremony of the 2020 Hong Kong Law Year was held at the City Hall in Central. The Chief Justice of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Court of Final Appeal, Mr Justice Ma Tau-li, reviews the Hong Kong Police honour guard at Edinburgh Square. On the second Monday of the new year, Hong Kong's legal profession follows the traditional rituals by holding the annual opening ceremony in the Great Hall of Hong Kong. China News Agency Correspondent Zhang Wei